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I had the weirdest damn Avengers-related dream last night. Natasha and Steve were exes, and Clint was jealous, and Groot was there (still haven't seen GotG) but he was really big and he was trying to step on people dressed as muppets. Tony's dad was alive and being played by William Shatner. There was an army of holographic warriors that all looked like Thor's mom. Steve kept trying to hug people. The Avengers fought a bunch of bad guys in what was essentially a dodgeball game, and one of the bad guys got decapitated by a Frisbee. Also Clint was a plumber on the side.

Most of the time, even my weirdest dreams make sense when I'm dreaming them. This one... not even close.
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MCU Fic: Half Measures (1/1)

Title: Half Measures
Author: Alli Snow
Pairing/Characters: Clint/Natasha
Word Count: ~1700
Rating: M
Author’s Notes: Just a post-CAWS thing that happened.
Summary: "You don't know me," she says again. "You've never even seen my file, have you? The whole thing," she interjects, when he opens his mouth to contradict her. "Unredacted." If he hasn't, he's one of the few left in the world with any interest in the subject. Any questions, Clint? Just let me Google that for you.

Read @ AO3
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I don't usually care about the celebrity gossip stuff, but... ScarJo is pregnant? *doesn't know whether to be excited for her or worried that this will impact Marvel filming*

*Probably a little of both, honestly*
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FIC: The Spider of Breven

Title: The Spider of Breven
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Summary: Find the Spider, Archangel Nicolas tells Clint. Stop him. But the most brazen thief in Samaria is not what either of them expected. A fusion with Sharon Shinn's Samaria series. READ THESE BOOKS.
Notes: For the be_compromised 2014 Valentine's Day Promptathon. This could fill a couple different prompts, but for the sake of simplicity let's go with anuna_81's request for a Fantasy AU. I threw in some Agents of SHIELD just for the fun of it. Many thanks to my beta, Jamie Madigan, even though I threw this at her at the last minute.

You might find this map of Samaria helpful.

If you're familiar with the Samaria universe, this would take place some time between Angelica and Archangel.

Read it at AO3.
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Keeping my fannish life separate from the rest of my life is sometimes a challenge

For example, making random shipper comments on Facebook: generally not advised.

Normal people: Oh look it's a post with some random facts about hugging and this little art piece, I believe I shall share it on my wall.


But c'mon, at least a quarter of my f'list would have the same reaction, Collapse )
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FIC: Rising or Falling (1/1) by allisnow

Title: Rising or Falling
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Summary: "Natasha feels exposed, as raw as an open wound, every thought in her mind nakedly apparent on her face for anyone who cares to look." A missing scene from From Fire by Fire, with major spoilers for that story.
Warnings: This author has chosen not to use warnings.

Rising or Falling @ AO3