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You know I usually don't care much about these award shows. Usually because they're long and boring and chosen by foreigners so yawn.

But it's different when your show wins :D

Stargate Atlantis wins People's Choice Award

Can anyone who watched tell me where in the program the award was given out? First hour, second hour?
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Well they kinda squeezed it in the middle with all the awards that didn't show acceptance speeches. But if you go to the PCA site they posted the whole acceptance speech and them answering a fan question. I'm bummed they didn't air it (or if they did I missed it).
It seems like they aired something, because it got posted to a file sharing comm...
Go back to site and click 2nd tab that says: Relive History or show...something of that nature. Look for SGA and the video is located to the side of the marker.