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2am and I'm finally going to bed. I really was going to shoot for a decent hour... oh well. When work starts up again I will be dead tired and that will be my punishment.

On the upside, I'm on page 11 of this brain-eating-fic-that's-going-where-I-don't-know.

Short snippet:

The walk to what Halling called their ‘hunting camp’ was not long, and kept interesting by the pointed comments Sumner kept spitting in his direction. Yeah, it was no big surprise the Colonel had a problem with him. John had probably picked up some bad habits in Antarctica, so far away from anyone who gave a damn, and one of them was that he no longer automatically believed that the sun shone out of his commanding officer’s ass. And Sumner was exactly the kind of guy who believed quite fervently in his own golden orifice… just like the ones who’d condemned him for going back after Holland.

The kids were better company.
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