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Ooh, it's like my very own 'Most Ridiculous'

Apparently the SDJ has put together a Stargate Compendium for those who've yet to memorize the TS Playbook.

Oh. My. God. I swear, it's the SG fandom equivalent of "World History, by the Nazi Party".

Jonas: Quinn took over Daniel's place on SG-1 but is simply not the linguist and cultural expert that Daniel was; he lacks Daniel's genius and intuitive lateral thinking (not to mention his talent for putting everyone else in danger)...

Sam: once engaged to Capt. Jonas Hanson, rogue team-leader of SG-9, and has something of a Black Widow effect on the men who have fallen for her, including Narim, Martouf, Orlin and Senator Joe Faxon. (Wow, I'm glad this compendium has its facts straight.) ... Works brilliantly with Dr. Daniel Jackson, their empathy and shared passion for discovery leading them to be dubbed the 'science twins'.(By who?)

Jack: The trust and friendship forged between these two men when Daniel willingly gave his life to save Jack's has deepened sincerely over time and it is the closest relationship Jack has been able to establish with anyone... They are more than best friends, they are confidantes and in a very real sense, soulmates. (Cripes, there just isn't anything you can say about that without resulting to foul language.)

My God, what a bunch of psychos.
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