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Okay, okay...

I'm posting this, but under protest. ;) I don't like it, but I figure if there's someone out there who gets even a moment of entertainment from it... my work here is done.

From the Ashes
Rated R for violence
Set Season 6; no spoilers
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great fic alli
I enjoyed it, very moving.. Thanks for posting it. :)

I thought you were going to let Jack do the "deed".. Well, at least they'd be together then! Oye, the angst. ;)

*Joyously frolics away*
I don't get the problem with it...

It's a read. It's enjoyable. It's powerful.

I dare ya to post this on Jackfic.
Heeeyyy... wait a minute... I remember this fic! *g*

Glad to see you've finally decided to post it, hon. Still a good read, even after a couple of years.

Ahhh... dark!fic... like fine wine, it can only get better with age. *bg*
I was moved really alli,

You have to post this the day that i try and do a fic? ;)

I loved it, very sad but uplifting.

Am about to start reading it, but expect to like it. I'll let you know how much I like it when I'm done. *g*
Okay, read it. Very good, very angsty, very bittersweet. It was amazingly well-handled, and God knows I've seen a lot of stuff that hasn't been well-handled in the character death subset of Stargate fics.