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Duncan Hunter
Score: 45
Stem-Cell Research
Health Care
Death Penalty
Social Security
Line-Item Veto

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My next closest were Thompson and Romney, which sounds about right. Paul is crazy, McCain is curmudgeonly, and Giuliani... well, "I'll vote for the candidate" as he's better than a Democrat, but he's still too liberal. I like Huck and Tanc personally, but I don't agree with them on a lot of the most important issues. Although I have to say, speaking of issues, I think this poll should have listed terrorism/national security in general as an issue.

Like aricadavidson I'm not 100% thrilled with any of the candidates. They're either too liberal or too flip-floppy or too inexperienced or they're Ron Paul. But hey, anyone's better than Hillary. Except maybe Ron Paul, or Dennis Kucinich. *shudder*
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As someone who is not a Guiliani fan, you'll appreciate this. I also took this quiz and (since I'm a bleeding-heart liberal) got all Dems at the top of my list. Except for the number two spot who was taken by thinks he is in the wrong party... I really don't like him at all.
candidate quiz
I took the quiz and my top 3 were Hunter, Thompson and Romney. I find that amusing because
i am enthusiastically supporting Rudy Guiliani.
Despite differences in some policies with him, i
trust him on National Security and War on Terror
issues. I just can't see the others being half as good a leader in those areas. I'm a Democrat
but the thought of any of the Dems running winning makes my blood run cold. Nightmare time.