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Jilly said, "We've got the do the right thing, sweetie."

"Not Shep," said Shepherd.

"You too, sweetie. The right thing."

Shep shook his head and said, "Shep can be a little bad."

"No, I don't think you can, buddy. Not without a lot of torment later."

"No cake?" Shep asked.

"It's not an issue of cake, sweetie."

"Shep can be just a little bad."

Jilly exchanged a look with Dylan. To Shep, she said, "Can you be bad, sweetie?"

"Just a little."

"Just a little?"

"Just a little."

Lantern's eyelashes were crusted with frozen tears. His eyes streamed, but nevertheless Jilly could read the guilt in them when he said, "A little would be useful. In fact sometimes, when the evil is big enough, the right thing to do is act decisively to end it."

- By the Light of the Moon, Dean Koontz

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