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I have fic to recc!

Apologies, though, as it's Life fic, not Stargate.

But then, should I really be apologizing? No! Because you should be watching this show! As a matter of fact, go watch it now!

Crews and Reese are the partners that you don't really want to ship but sometimes you find that you just can't help yourself cause hee! And this fic totally captures that.

Title: The First Time
Author: broedym
Characters: Reese, Crews (squinting required for Reese/Crews, but then I always was short sighted)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through 1x06 (Powerless) and set during the episode
A/N: I scribbled most of this down after watching "Powerless", but I never thought I'd actually post it. But, damn it, I couldn't help myself. It's the red hair...
Tags: fic, reccs

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