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Okay, LJ, help me out here.

What type of sword would an attacker on horseback most likely wield?

Don't worry about pinning it down to a specific culture or era. I just need some kind of analogue so that I know what my protagonist is fighting against.
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It depends on what the attacker expects to face.

For example, in hotter climates were metal armor is prohibitive then a curved sword will work better against layers of clothes as it will not get entangled as easily. This is also why some US cavalry officers would carry a sword with a bit of a curve in it when fighting against native tribes and asian swords like the katana had curves to them.

In places were opponents are likely to be heavily armored then they would likely not have a sword at all but a mace, which is designed to destroy armor.

Typical swords carried against foes wearing limited armor include broadswords (good for repeated hacking), long swords (good for stabbing those on the ground) and short swords (for fighting others on horseback).

Go here and see boatloads of swords:

See which historical era matches your scenario.
IMHO it would need to be a blade with a cutting edge, rather than a stabbing point.... so a Sabre or Katana would make sense.