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Thought of the day (whilst paying bills, addressing envelopes, and realizing we're out of stamps):

Do you think USPS employees appreciate when someone takes the time to address something neatly and legibly, or do they hate us all equally?

Personally, if someone addressed a letter in purple crayon, I would squint and damn that person to the depths of Hell and hope that their letter did not reach its destination. Unless it was some little kid's letter to Santa or Jesus or something. But if you think about it, most people have completely horrible handwriting. God knows I do. But I really do try when I'm sending something by mail. Which is about three times a year, thanks to the advent of online bill paying. (I'm in the process of closing an account for a credit card company which charges $9 to make an online payment. WTF, right? Now this card also has a super good APR so I've been putting up with it, but recently I just got so fed up at having to write checks and mail things that I said screw it, so HA take that stupid company.)

That reminds me. We're coming up on Christmas, which is one of the three times of year where I actually patronize the post office. Which I hate doing. Grr. Will you all think me a totally cheap putz if I do email cards this year? They'll be really NICE email cards.

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