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Am watching Heroes but not really paying attention. I've found that this is one of those shows, kind of like soap operas, where I would just as happily read an update at the end of the week about what's been going on.

I had a dream last night that I was watching a movie based on Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel Trilogy (the first one) and trying to explain it to my mom without going into all the porny bits. Which made me think about the first time I read the very first book in the series.

It was the old B Dalton at the mall that's not even there anymore, and I forget how old I was but I was there by myself so it had to be after I was driving. And basically I saw the cover and thought it looked exciting and risqué. I took it home and read it... or tried to, but I got impossibly confused by all the politics. Even with the cast of characters listed in the beginning of the book - and what is it? About five or six pages worth? - I couldn't keep straight in my head who was related to who and who was suspected of killing who and gah. It was like a big muddle of names and plots interspersed with a lot of strange (imo) sexuality and, well, porny bits. So I put it down and it lived in my bookshelves for a while, and now and then I would take it out and try it again and be like, nah, still confusing, and put it back.

And then one day I opened it up and the names and plots all fell into place. And I don't think it hurt that I finally got to the Joscelin bits and totally fell in love with him. :D

Anyway, JC has news up on her website about her latest project... after the final book in the Imri trilogy, she's starting a new Kushiel trilogy several generations down the road with new characters including a new female protagonist. Yay! Can't wait to see what she does with it.
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trying to explain it to my mom

Yeah, I would like to have been in on that conversation! I'm not sure I could even explain that book to my Mom!
Because you had pimped the Kushiel books, I bought all of them...but I haven't read them yet. (I had borrowed the first one from the library and liked what I managed to read before it was due, so I bought them all.)
I would shake you and tell you to READTHEMREADTHEM, but since the whole point of my above post was that they kind of need to be read in their own time, I won't ;)
Well, write now (homophone intended) it's NaNoWriMo and NaNo what little spare (and awake) time I have. :D
Oh, and your dream sounds a little more interesting than mine this morning - about making a meatloaf sandwich. (Actually that one was preceded by a more interesting one, but all I could remember was that it *was* interesting - and meatloaf sandwich!)
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A meatloaf sammich dream? Hm, if I was going to dream about a sandwich, it would at least be about roast turkey on a croissant or maybe tri-tip and bell better on ciabatta. Mmm can you tell I'm hungry?
Re: PS
I used to work with a guy who *hated* it when I said "sammich". I think I picked it up from another co-worker. (All 3 of us were/are genealogy nuts.)