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I had a funny SGA dream last night. Seriously -- I woke up at about 4am because I had laughed myself awake.

There are S4 spoilers in this dream, though, so I'll stick it behind a cut.

So Shep, Teyla, Ronon, Rodney and Keller were stuck offworld somewhere with a bunch of Athosians. They had to paddle up a river and they found this place that brought out everyone's worst fears, made them hallucinate them or something. I don't remember most of that part except that Keller's fear was of snakes, which probably came from the Halloween episode of Bones. Anyway, Teyla got knocked up by some Athosian ex-boyfriend who was actually involved with somebody else, but no one cared a whole lot about that part because that's just how things work for Athosians. Anyway, this 'episode' covered her entire pregnancy and the actual birth, and she had a boy and she named him John. And Lizzie or her ghost or spirit or something was involved somehow, I don't recall specifics, although I'm kind of imagining Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, heheh.

Anyway, I woke up laughing, either from the ridiculousness of it all and/or imagining how it was going to go over on the SGA boards. I remember thinking... oh, we gotta touch base with Joe M and find out how many death threats he's gotten so far this week.
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