For some reason, I don't think I knew you were in the Bay area...

It's funny, though, because rackham and I found out about the quake way before it hit the news sites... in Lord of the Rings Online (a MMORPG) from players in the Bay area who started talking about it in the public chat channel.

Glad to hear you didn't have anything break!
Heh. The news is on right now, and they're reporting on that just as I'm checking my f-list.

...and the other news is the Dem candidate debate. Which I can totally see you mocking, oddly enough.
They're always mockworthy, but personally I would rather wait to see the flubs and gaffs that get posted online, rather than sit through the entire crapfest myself :-D
Well, glad that you're okay (and that you got some enjoyment out of it to boot)! :D
hee, felt it too, though not as strong over in the valley...everything went rattle rattle and I was like wtf??? I'm expecting phone calls today of clients interested in earthquake insurance....bah hahahaha
IIIII Wannna Rock'n'Roll All night!!!!
hehe... Been down in San jose! On the 3rd Floor of my apartment building. It felt bigger than it was. And the building was still movin after it was done. Called Starfinn to make sure it wasn't centered up north and then just enjoyed the rush!