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So has anyone been following the Rush Limbaugh/"phony soldiers" thing? I'm guessing not. And if you have, it's been through the drive-by media, and you know you can't trust them.

But anyway. For those who don't know, Rush is a conservative radio talk show host. And he's one of those guys you generally either hate or love. There's been no small amount of controversy in his personal life, but as a political analyst and speaker and everything I think he's just brilliant. I don't get to listen to his show a lot, because it's on 9am-12pm on weekdays, but it's easy enough through his website to keep up on things.

Anyway, recently one of the things he talked about on his show was this loser, Jesse Macbeth, who said he was an Army vet against the Iraq war. He had all kinds of war stories, said he was an Army Ranger, and the hippies at made him a little video tribute with some of his highlights. You know, stuff that he and other Rangers killed innocent women and children, executed children during their parents' interrogations... that kind of thing.

Well, then as you might expect, it comes out that this guy is a big fat liar. He was kicked out of basic after 44 days for being 'unfit'.

So Rush was on a call with a listener a while ago and referred to the Jesse Macbeth types as "phony soldiers".

And the libs flipped out.

The media started crowing that Rush was referring to anti-war vets as phony soldiers, and how unpatriotic and terrible and awful he was. And it wasn't just the nutroots at Daily Kos or Huffington Post or Among others, it came from someone who actually tried to become Commander in Chief:

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on Thursday demanded an apology from conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who called soldiers who oppose the Iraq war “phony.”

“This disgusting attack from Rush Limbaugh, cheerleader for the chicken-hawk wing of the far right, is an insult to American troops,” Kerry said. “Mr. Limbaugh owes an apology to everyone who has ever worn the uniform of our country, and an apology to the families of every soldier buried in Arlington National Cemetery.”

The emphasis is mine. The above clip is from The Hill, which obviously can't be bothered fact-checking their information.

(Here's the YouTube footage from Rush's show that actually explains the whole thing, by the way.)

So anyway, this whole stupid thing winds up ON THE FLOOR OF CONGRESS, because they have nothing better to do than complain about what a guy on the radio said didn't say. And the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid writes up a letter complaining about how terrible and awful and cruel Rush was to anti-war troops by calling them phony. And the following half-wits signed. See any names you know?

Harry Reid - Hillary Clinton - Blanche Lincoln
Richard Durbin - Kent Conrad - Bob Menendez
Charles Schumer - Christopher Dodd - Barbara Mikulski
Patty Murray - Byron Dorgan - Bill Nelson
Daniel Akaka - Dianne Feinstein - Barack Obama
Max Baucus - Tom Harkin - Jack Reed
Joseph Biden - Daniel Inouye - Jay Rockefeller
Barbara Boxer - Ted Kennedy - Ken Salazar
Sherrod Brown - John Kerry - Bernie Sanders
Robert Byrd - Amy Klobuchar - Debbie Stabenow
Benjamin Cardin - Mary Landrieu - Jon Tester
Tom Carper - Frank Lautenberg - Jim Webb
Bob Casey - Patrick Leahy - Sheldon Whitehouse
Carl Levin - Ron Wyden -

So let's recap. Radio talk show host complains about people who aren't Army vets saying they are, and saying slanderous (or is it libelous?) things about the real troops. Liberals misunderstand - either on purpose or because they're stupid - and their news parrots crow out that Rush was calling anti-war vets "phony". Morons in Congress, several of which are running for President, use your taxpayer dollars on the floor of Congress to bitch about it.

The great thing? The wonderful, spectacular, fantastic thing? Rush is auctioning the asshats' letter off on EBay, and as promised to match the winning bid -- it's all going to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. And last I checked... it was up over $2 million dollars.

I love it. I mean, I hate the idiots and I kind of hope they all choke on their stupidity, but at the same time... I just have to laugh.
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