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So steroids are back in the news because Marion Jones has admitted to using them during the Olympics. And I swear, every other name out of the news anchor's mouth is 'Barry Bonds'.

Now I understand that Barry is not a media darling and there's a lot of people out there who for whatever reason don't like him. I think after fifteen years those of us who are SF Giants fans got to see a different side of him, just day to day, the way he bonded with his teammates and supported him team and interacted with his family.

As far as the steroid crap goes, well, we do have something called 'innocent until proven guilty' -- Barry has never failed a drug test and never been indicted. If you want to talk about baseball players who have admitted to taking steroids, there's Jason Giambi and Jose Canseco.

Anyway, this most recently came up on Neil Cavuto's show, so I emailed a very trucated version of the above to him... maybe I'll get on tv!
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You know, I really don't care if an athlete has used steroids. We take young people and indoctrinate them with the idea that it is #1 or nothing. Of course they will do whatever it takes.