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Man, they last forever.

Now, don't get me wrong. In many ways, Tuesdays are vastly superior to Mondays. I don't have to drive across two counties, for example, just down the street. I get to play with the kidlets. No back to back classes.

Yet the day still ends up feeling longer. Especially today. I didn't go to bed til 2ish last night, so I set my alarm for 9. Yet the phone rang at 8, ruining that last precious hour. Normally I wouldn't have any problems falling back to sleep, but I knew who it was. Oh yes, I knew. See, I put in an application to work at the library before I really knew what the work was. Now I know, but I don't want the job. And I'm too much of an avoidant personality to actually, you know, tell them. I figure if they can never get in touch with me, they can never hire me. And I know they want to hire me, because library lady keeps calling at 8am and leaving voice mail. I figure after enough time has passed she'll go away.

Yeah, I'm nuts, I know.

So I got up, chatted, checked all the usual suspects, had fun in several below threads ;) skimmed email, etc. Got in the shower kinda late and missed breakfast. Did homework while I waited for the hall to open for lunch. Ate lunch. Went to El Dorado. Played with kiddies. Came back. Vegged more. Went to class from 4 until 7. Came back. Ate a pastie for dinner (pronounced PAH-stee -- meat and potato pie). Did Spanish homework. Am now 4/5 done with my math homework and eating Cheerios off my desk.

I see my problem. I've been far too constructive in the last 24 hours. Must stop doing that.

Ooh, new Destinos episode tomorrow. Raquel and Arturo are both in Mexico now, but she's driving around with Angela trying to find out what happened to Roberto, and he's at the hotel not knowing that anything has happened to Roberto. Ahh, the drama.

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