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So I've been watching this reality show on WE called "American Princess". The premise is that the show picks a bunch of unclassy American gals and sends them over to Britain to compete over a 'actual title'. The girls are catty and bitchy or else fairly socially clueless, and the competitions are... well, sometimes they're things that make sense, like acting appropriately in certain situations. Sometimes the challenges make less sense because they're things like how to put on a tea party, which, c'mon, a princess is gonna have someone to make tea for her. ;)

The judges are an etiquette coach and a former butler of Princess Di's, and they spend a lot of time standing around laughing because the girls don't know how to make tea or create a centerpiece or play cricket. Sometimes they have a point because a lot of the times they give the girls the information and they're just not listening because they're bimbos. But sometimes, well, I want to smack these snotty Brits* around and find out how well they'd do playing a baseball game without any knowledge of the game, or barbecue a hamburger, or, well, any of the stuff they're expected to do on shows like The Apprentice.

One of the gals who made it through tonight was criticized by the judges for being a "tomboy" and not having enough "sex appeal". Kind of sad that that's a requirement. I bet you could go back through history and find plenty of unattractive princesses.

* I'm not saying all Brits are snotty, but the ones on this show certainly can be.

And here's a question -- if this is for the American princess, why do they have to know how to do all this Brit stuff?
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