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I just got back from Resident Evil 3...

And I have to say that parents who bring their kids (about eight and four that I saw) to a movie like that need to be slapped.

It was actually a pretty soft R, considering that most of the deaths are people (things?) who are already dead. No language, no sex (dammit) and very little skin. Not even boobage! I think the guy sitting a seat over was kind of disappointed.

The movie was pretty good, although it ended about 15-20 minutes too early especially considering everyone's saying it's the last one.

Milla is so good at the whole mental-facial-tic-I'm scared/angry/going to kill you look. And she's pretty hot even with scraggly hair and sandy clothes. However, Oded Fehr is definitely hot and is my boyfriend. Mmmmm... I need to go rewatch The Mummy 1 and 2 this weekend.


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