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Alli Snow

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Because my flist knows everything

1. Where can I find long strips of sew-on Velcro (the kind with no adhesive on the back), preferably in different colors? I tried Michael's (craft store) and Target. No luck.


2. What kind of tape sticks well to carpet without completely ruining the carpet?

  • GIF meme

    Pick your 5 favourite shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them. 1. Futurama 2. Fringe 3. Avengers (I know it's…

  • *sobs*

    FRINGE. That is all.

  • Maybe watching three episodes in a row is a bit much...

    ... especially when one is already hormonal and prone to weepiness. Damn you, Fringe... *wipes eyes*

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