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Because my flist knows everything

1. Where can I find long strips of sew-on Velcro (the kind with no adhesive on the back), preferably in different colors? I tried Michael's (craft store) and Target. No luck.


2. What kind of tape sticks well to carpet without completely ruining the carpet?
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1. uhm since it's sew on have you tried a yard goods store?
2. i think it depends on what you're doing with it and what kind of carpet. I've used the wide clear packing tape before and it didn't hurt the carpet.
1. Would a yard goods (I'm thinking Orchard or something) have something sewing related? I was thinking they might tend towards sticky.

2. I want to divide up some of the carpet area in my classroom into squares. So it needs to be something the kids can see, that will stay put and resist fingers poking and shoes stepping, but won't pull up the (industrial) carpet if I ditch the idea.

I really really really want a rug like this, but, well, I think you can figure out the problem there.
ok i'm not sure how well it would stick to carpet but my first thought is that blue tape used when painting...maybe?
We don't have Orchard here but a good fabric/yard goods store will have both stick and sew on velcro.

Oh and yes that is an awesome rug but i do see your problem.
Hmm, a fabric store. That's an idea. I think we have one around here... somewhere...'re so cute. When someone says 'yard good's' in relation to fabric they mean a fabric store. Like Joann's or Hancock. Try one of those. And yeah, the blue tape they sell for painters for the non-sticky stuff.
lol, see, at least in this part of California, 'yard' would mean, like, a yard. Like Yardbirds.

Hey, Abby just ate a fly. How cute.
The best place to find that kind of velcro is somewhere like JoAnn Fabric or Hancock fabrics. I know a couple online places to look if you can't find it there.

As for tape...painter's tape like you would find at Lowe's or Home Depot. It's made to stick well and not leave a residue. We use it to mark out areas on our concrete floor at Church and have used it to make where kids are to stand on the carpet on the platform at Church. :-D
Joanne Fabric should have rolls of 1" wide velco (hook & loop).

I don't know if you have a Beverly's Craft store in your area or if that's just a local one. (It used to be Ben Franklin's crafts here until a few years ago.)

Larger Wal-marts and KMarts sometimes have fabric departments and carry it, too.

Assuming you mean ON TOP of the carpet, e.g. to lay out a pattern *temporarily*, masking tape will stick to low-pile carpet without ruining it. We used to put it down for games at church. Do not leave it for a long time (more than a day), as I think it might leave the sticky on the carpet after a while.

I think duct tape would be too sticky and possibly pull at the threads when removed.