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Frank J's Guide to Not Getting Tasered


* When asking questions to a Senator, make sure to do so in the proper manner as instructed to at the event.

* If you decide to instead grab the mic, only ask one question and wait for the Senator to respond.

* If you aren't interested in the Senator's response and feel it more pressing to ask more questions, relent when the police approach you.

* If you decide not to relent when the police approach you at least don't be a huge drama queen.

* If you are a huge drama queen when the police attempt to escort you out, at least don't try and resist arrest and run back in the room.

* If you do resist arrest and run back into the room, do give up when the police tackle you.

* If you keep resisting when tackled to the ground, do finally follow police instructions when they threaten to taser you.

* If you decide to keep resisting arrest even when tackled to the ground and are threatened with a taser, whatever you do, do not refer to one of the officers as "bro" when pleaded to not be tasered, 'cause that's gonna get yer ass tased.

I hope these instructions were helpful. Have a electrocution free day!

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Heheh. Yup.


Public opinion seems kind of split between "the police overreacted and boy this guy is going to sue like crazy" and "the little idiot deserved what he got". Guess which way I'm leaning. ;)