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Frank J's Guide to Not Getting Tasered


* When asking questions to a Senator, make sure to do so in the proper manner as instructed to at the event.

* If you decide to instead grab the mic, only ask one question and wait for the Senator to respond.

* If you aren't interested in the Senator's response and feel it more pressing to ask more questions, relent when the police approach you.

* If you decide not to relent when the police approach you at least don't be a huge drama queen.

* If you are a huge drama queen when the police attempt to escort you out, at least don't try and resist arrest and run back in the room.

* If you do resist arrest and run back into the room, do give up when the police tackle you.

* If you keep resisting when tackled to the ground, do finally follow police instructions when they threaten to taser you.

* If you decide to keep resisting arrest even when tackled to the ground and are threatened with a taser, whatever you do, do not refer to one of the officers as "bro" when pleaded to not be tasered, 'cause that's gonna get yer ass tased.

I hope these instructions were helpful. Have a electrocution free day!

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