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clear! *ZWAP!*

That's the sound of someone using a defibrillator to bring someone else back from the brink of death, btw.

Since we're starting to get back into the regular tv season and watching other stories (good and bad... sometimes more the good than the bad, actually) usually give me story ideas, I'm resuscitating museprod, the writing community journal that I last posted in, like, a year ago.

My bad.

The idea is that people would share what they were working on and the others in the group would pester each other for updates and progress and whatnot.

I realized that I have been so stressed over work, maybe not just because work is stressful, but because I haven't been doing enough non-work-related things. Besides reading, I mean.

So if you're not a member, and you'd like to come dish about writing - fanfic or OF - or reading or anything, we'd love to have you. And by we I mean me. Mwahaha.
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