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Human Shields Plan Collapsing

Abdul al-Hashimi, head of Saddam Hussein's Peace and Solidarity Organisation, ordered the volunteers to disperse to nine sites in Baghdad or leave. Most of the activists thought that they would be "shielding" schools or hospitals, but the sites on Mr
al-Hashimi's list include power stations, oil refineries and water purification plants.

"We had been told we would go to humanitarian sites, specifically hospitals," said Ken O'Keefe, a former US marine who has emerged as the informal leader of the activists. "But we've now been told that we can't go to those places"

LOL. At the risk of sounding vulgar... no shit!

Darn those mean and nasty totalitarian dictators!

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Well, I was slightly confused when news radio announced that the "human shields" were leaving and citing a fear for personal safety. I thought--huh? Wasn't the whole point of being a human shield was sacrificing one's life to make a point? Hello, folks. If you're worried about personal safety, don't volunteer to be a shield.

RE: schools, hospitals and the like--certainly, those places aren't targeted, although there's always the possiblity of strikes going awry. I wouldn't put it past Saddam to used those places to hide anything he may have left to hide, though, just to claim that the evil Americans were going after civilians on purpose.

I hope things don't get to that point, but I don't expect Saddam to leave willingly.