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An open letter

Dear Fandemonium,

I would like to buy more Stargate novels at some point in my life.

So please stop publishing dross like this.

“John, you’re doing a very difficult job with a constantly changing rulebook,” she said, doing her damnedest to sound unimpeachably reasonable. Though she knew—better than most—how difficult it could be to change this man’s mind, she had to try. “All of us have made mistakes. Yes, these last few days have been an absolute nightmare, but do you honestly think that this expedition would be better off without you?”

He didn’t respond directly, his gaze straying to the window, where the control room personnel were maintaining some semblance of business as usual. “I’ve never doubted my instincts like this before,” he said quietly. The admission surprised her into silence. “When I’ve improvised or gone against recommendations in the past, it’s always been because I had a clear picture of how to resolve the situation, and the benefits were worth the risks. This time…I got target-fixated. I lost sight of the big picture, and the expedition can’t afford that.”

Thank you.

P.S. *whacks head on keyboard*
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