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So apparently Osama in his new little video thingy says we (Americans) can end the war in Iraq by all coverting to Islam.

Gee, is that it?

Hasn't this guy ever shared notes with the Jehovah's Witnesses? The hard sell approach just doesn't work.
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Riiight. He obviously doesn't understand that he doesn't have the market cornered on fanaticism. Or that there are a whole lot of faithful non-fanatics (of a wide variety of faiths) in the US who'd never convert. Or the fact that the majority of non-faithful people would only consider it if there was a way to do it on the "maybe attend twice a year and otherwise ignore it" version. Or the fact that bottom line? The vast majority of US citizens haven't been personally affected by the war. We just don't care enough about it to put forth that kind of effort.
Or how about the fact that being threatened into something as personal as changing ones religion is something that the vast majority of Americans would never ever ever ever even consider.
That, too.

Of course, the main reason for those tapes is for him to grandstand to his troops, so I suppose all of those facts are irrelevant from his POV.
Well, that's assuming his troops have tv and/or internet ;) I think he's probably playing to his base a little, but considering that he's also talking about Noam Chomsky and global warming and blasting politicans for not having called for a retreat yet, he could also be throwing his hat in the race for the Democrat Primary ;)
*jumps up and down for joy*

Oh yes, Osama, my advisor!!! Let me render myself to thy wisdom.

O_o You're not Muhammad, you doofus. Yeah, we'll all convert...when you stop being so ugly.