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I'm telling you... her part of the dark side has no cookies.

In laying out her four goals, Mrs. Clinton did not announce any major new policy initiatives, though she did say she would unveil her universal health insurance plan in two weeks.

The four goals were largely thematic: “restore America’s standing in the world,” “rebuild America’s middle class and the economy to support it,” “reform our government” and “reclaim the future for our children.”

On the last goal, Mrs. Clinton turned more personal, saying she wanted her presidency to be a means of helping parents raise their children. “I want to be able to say to you as your president, ‘Our children are well,’ ” she said.

I love these goals, peoples. Honest I do.

- Restore America's standing in the world -- by doing what?
- Rebuild the middle class & economy -- last I checked, the middle class and the economy were doing just fine without her
- Reform our government -- yeah, like that's a new one
- Reclaim the future for our children -- WTF?

Like Mom says: What a condescending bitch.

Oh, and I just can't wait to find out what new!HilaryCare entails.

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