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why is a parkway a place where you drive and a driveway a place where you park?
Why do filmmakers insist on buying the rights to insanely popular and beloved books only to completely change everything about them when they write the screenplay and start filming the movie?

Yeah. It's looking to be just as bad as the "adaptation" of Starship Troopers (aka the movie loosely based on the title of the book by the same name).
See, I enjoyed Starship Troopers because I hadn't read the book.

But, yeah, I've seen the preview for the DiR, and am just thinking that you can't take Arthurian legend out of England and keep it Arthurian!

(To say nothing of the cruelty and abuse to the Stantons as a family unit. ARGH!)
Because they think everyone, including the author and the readers who made the books popular in the first place, are idiots. and that they know better. in short, they are arrogant idiots.
Why have we never met in person when we live 30 minutes from one another?

*prays answer is not "Cuz I have no desire to meet you"*

Back-up question: Why is the idea of Teal'c/Vala taking over my brain?
Why have we never met in person when we live 30 minutes from one another?

You know, I'm not sure that I have a good answer for that one. Remind me again where you are?

Of course if Teal'c/Vala is taking over your brain maybe I don't want to ;) *runs*
I live in Concord (on the north end, close to gunpoint Bay Point. About a mile south of the North Concord/Martinez BART station.

I'm trying to write a bunch of other stuff to help my brain recover...and then someone posts a cap of them arm wrestling. (Which reminds me of Carter's challenge to O'Neill...hmm...)

But yes, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.