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Quick 'weird dream update'

I had a dream last night that some bad person (a female, and that's all I know) shot me! And I went to the hospital but she had missed all the vital stuff. Then Batman went and shot her, as payback I guess, and yes my dream ignored the fact that Bats isn't into guns. Then I was back at high school - I have these recurring dreams that I have to go back to high school either to get more units (??) or because it turns out that I didn't pass one of my classes after all, so if I don't retake it my college classes don't count (??!). And the Harry Potter kids were there, including Neville's mom.

Dreams are exhausting. Can it be nighttime again?
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I recurringly have dreams about going back to my 4-year college back east. And I'm never sure what causes them. They usually don't go along with either the request for updates for the quarterly college publication nor the receiving of same.