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So far, NY Times, LA Times, Baltimore Sun, Courier Journal, CNN, Fox, Drudge, Fark, Digg, Slashdot... and God knows who else, are carrying the spoilage. A paper in Australia has 20 readable jpgs on their HP article. No warnings, no tags, no ANYTHING. At least on LJ, most people have the kindness to cut tag. The media displays no such civility.

If you decide to take the plunge and read it early, I can give you files. Don't turn on the tv, and don't read the news, until after you've read the book- either way.
I thought they might do that, but still, I'm kind of shocked. I mean, people are gonna be sooo pissed. And that paper in Australia is gonna get sued like whoa.

I know earlier on FNC they were talking about the FACT that there were spoilers but no actual headlines about what the spoilers WERE.

I have a training thingy tomorrow so if I start reading it before then I'm going to be a total wreck. I think I'll just have to do my best to wait til Friday night, even if I have to live in seclusion, and if anyone spoils I will just punch them in their dumb monkey faces.
I am a little weirded out by the media attention. I mean, it'd make more sense to go, "No, we don't believe there are any genuine spoilers." By countenancing them and giving the media lawsuit stories to play with, they're actually causing more people to get spoiled, and others to go look for the downloads. Still, I guess they feel they have to do something to save face. And maybe they're hoping the media frenzy will generate more sales- be free advertising, essentially. But if the motive was protecting the public from spoilers, then freaking out and bringing out the lawyers was the WRONG move.
I agree, I don't think Scholastic has handled this very well. I mean, accidentally sending out copies almost a week early???

It would have been a lot smarter to play them off as a hoax or something. And hell, maybe it IS all a hoax intended to generate more sales ;) Like the gal on FNC said, there's really no such thing as bad publicity.
*runs away from the internets till Saturday evening* (when I plan to be finished the book)

Or you could be like Kels and get three. You know, just in case a guest unexpectedly stops over ;)