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So I idly decided to look online for a rug for my kindergarten class, so I can tell them to sit on a shape or a number or something. Most of the teachers just use lines of colored tape, but I really liked the idea of a rug like this:

But holy crap they are so frigging expensive!

It's insane. Who do they think can afford $240 for a rug? (The rectangular one in the picture is $200 plus $40 shipping.)
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those are cool rugs.

why in the world are they so expensive!? that's ridiculous!

oh! buy twister and make them sit on the circles?? not quite the same thing, but it might work?
Sorry for popping in uninvited, but I just couldn't help but suggest that you take a look at a rubber or foam mat. Try googling - alphabet play mat. The tiles are interlocking and can be arranged in a variety of ways. And, MUCH less expensive than carpet.

Good luck!
OOOOH, love your journal btw...I taught for many years. And one thing I did was go to a home supply store, like Home Depot or something like that and ask them if they have any of their rug sample squares. Go to any rug company and tell them you are a teacher and they might be able to help you out. Or even go online and send an email to those companies that carry sample tile rugs. It keeps each child with their own individual square rug and it's not going to cost you a dime!