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Too much Potter

Okay, I had one of the weirdest dreams ever last night, about (alternately) reading/watching the book/movie of HP&tDH.

In a nutshell, Harry said to hell with it and decided to ditch the whole wizarding world after Trelawny joined the Death Eaters. So he faked his death, and Ron's, and went and joined a Muggle basketball team. But that wasn't a good enough disguise so he underwent a magical sex change. But Cho found him and persuaded him to come back. Only that meant the bad guys found him as well. Thankfully he was able to escape their clutches with the help of a couple of the robots from Transformers. Then he was reunited with the Weasleys and went back to Hogwarts, where he was given a teaching position under McGonagle as Headmistress, and Snape was demoted to Filch's position.

Yeah. Too much coffee, I think.
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I just have to say: ROFL!!!


I remember having a cracked dream about a show finale one time, but I totally don't remember it... or even what show it was...
Soooooo ditto! ...cept mine usually involve strange combinations of characters from like 2-5 different fandoms all doing something REALLY strange that I realize (once I wake up) has absolutely nothing to do with any of them :P (For some reason, characters have a tendency to show up at work and/or school in my dreams. a lot.)
It's nice to have people to understand. I tell my family about my dreams and they look at me like 'you waste your brainpower dreaming about THAT?'
lol I soooo know what you mean... my mum's probly the only one who doesn't look at me funny anymore :P and if she does, I just remind her about the one she had where she was being chased by worf ;)... everyone else is like "you clearly watch waaaaay too much tv" (which is probably true, but who says that's a bad thing?)