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(no subject) has a cute little video of Daniel, Rupert and Emma, as well as some of OotP PTBs, talking about the movie at the premiere.

Here's the link.

The kids are just so damn adorable!

Also, Emma kind of hints (imo) at some H/R cuteness, which makes me happy :) 'Ongoing tension' and 'looks' and heheh.

This reminds me... isn't there a scene in HBP where Slughorn calls Ron 'Rupert'? I'm probably the last person on the Internet to realize this...
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It would be really nice to have some good R/H to make up for the H/H scenes in all of the commercials.

And Sluggy could not keep poor Ron's name straight that entire book, eventually calling him Rupert, making me laugh out loud.
Yeah, don't feel bad, I didn't realize it until I read your post. THen I went and grabbed my book and what do you know he does call him Rupert! LOL. Aww they are so adorable. Was in LA on sunday so I got to see them pull up on the red carpet and come sign things. Got me a few pics even! (too bad not with them)