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We're getting our new countertops put in today, which means I have to wait to eat breakfast. So I'm distracting myself with blogs.

Fast Cars, Small Penises, and Australian Men: When you first read the slogan, SPEEDING: NO ONE THINKS BIG OF YOU, you might think it was a reminder that people think poorly of those who break the law. Think again. This new road-safety campaign, launched in Australia last week, is aimed a bit more below the belt—by suggesting those men who speed have small penises. In the television and cinema advertisements, young "hoons"—Aussie-speak for speeding or reckless drivers—are mocked by unimpressed women who wave their little fingers at the drivers in a parody of their manhood.

Alli says: oh, they need to use this one in the US. Hilarious.

Arizona Clamps Down on Illegals: The governor of the US state of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, has signed into law legislation designed to deter illegal immigrant workers. The law requires businesses to verify that all their employees are legally entitled to work in the US, or face the prospect of being closed down.

Alli says: Following the law... what a concept. Then again, Gov. Napolitano is just doing the job Congress won't do.

Really, Says Bill, I'm Not Just Backing Hillary Because We're Married, I swear

Alli says: Really, does anything else need to be said? I think not.

Of course, Hill is the one complaining about the commutation of Scooter's sentence when her husband pardoned terrorists and "traded" pardons for "gifts" to his library. But you know, she'll trot out Slick Willy whenever she thinks it can give her a leg up. So to speak.

A funny: Frank Advice for Sppealing to the Nutroots. OUT: Death for Islamic extremists. IN: Hugs for Islamic extremists. OUT: Concern for large national threats against our very way of life. IN: Broadband internet for the poor.
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