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My television debut

I was on TV yesterday!

I went to the Giants/Diamondbacks game with my cousin, and we got to sit up by the chickens. For those of you unfamiliar with AT&T park, since Barry Bonds is intentionally walked so often (bastards), we keep a tally every time any Giants hitter is intentionally walked. I think this pic is from a couple of years ago:

So we were sitting up in that section when Barry was walked early in the game. And I got the chicken! The guy that brought it and the new numbers for the tally board said, "swing it around, you might get on tv". So I did, and I did! My aunt was able to Tivo it, and I'm going to see if I can somehow get it on the 'net.

UPDATE: Uploaded my pictures.

The view from our seats, during warmup:


Das chickens! Again, before the game.


After the game, kids 14 and under got to run the bases. I knew I brought Shelby for a reason!


After the game we went down to Pier 39 and took a boat tour of the bay (different company than we went with, seldear, but same idea. Out under the GG Bridge and around Alcatraz). This is the northwest (I think) end of the pier from the boat.


I took a crapload of pictures of the Bridge, but here's my faves.



Here's the full gallery.
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