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A note

Watching Jane Austen and then reading Dan Simmons (cracktastic scifi author) before bed is not a sane combination. I had dreams last night of being in some kind of Austenesque movie or book, set in Hawaii or some other tropical location, where a group of friends, including Ginamarie, kept trying to set me up with this jerky guy. To the point where they like threw us a fake bridal shower. And he was a weenie and I was upset. Mostly because I really had a crush on this younger guy who worked for a scientist who was doing experiments in animals communication (especially between dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, etc). Only he wasn't a guy, he was an android, and I didn't think my family would approve of me marrying an android.

There were also some surfing and beach parties involved.
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I caught 5-10 minutes of the Shanks bee movie last night - and just before I went to bed, the scene where a city official gets stung in the eye after trying to swat the wasp. Figured I'd have nightmares for *sure*, but I think I was just tooooooooo tired.