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I now have a totally awesome layout. Isn't it beauty-ful? I got it from thefulcrum.

I watched Sense & Sensibility tonight thanks to Netflix's nifty new feature where you can watch movies online. And it's even legal! The picture quality could have been better, but still pretty impressive for streaming. I enjoyed the movie itself quite a lot... the feature-length remake of Pride & Prejudice really can't hold a candle to the mini, and I was afraid maybe the movie format would have the same drawbacks here. But it was pretty dang good, even if I kept laughing at Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman (ack, Snape with sideburns! Now that I think about it, Trelawny too! Heehee). It also probably helps that I haven't read the book. Yet.

2am. I think I'm pretty much insensible right now. Not to mention starving...

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