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I was going to cut this, but then I figured that everyone who's going to see Changeling on first-run probably already has. So I'll just insert a nice little


Okay, and that's the extent of my responsibility :D

So now I've seen this episode twice, on squinty and now on real TV... and I'm still not that sure what to think of it. Sure, it's a lot less drug-ish when you know what's going on, and like Denise said, the metaphor was actually quite cunning. I know certain people who would disagree that SG-1 could be compared to a team of firefighters... actually I'm related to some people who would say that... ;)

The majority of this episode was a dream, but I liked it more than other dream episodes... FiaD and AP come to mind... because despite the fact that it 'never really happened', there were still consequences. Poor Junior.

(Now, it just occured to me that FiaD had its consequences too... I guess the death of Junior just had a bigger impact on me than Sha're's passing. He certainly had more personality than she did *eg*)

Another interesting thing about dream episodes is that they kind of give you a glimpse inside that character's mind. Since everything is from their perspective, you - ideally - see the world from their perspective. For instance, I believe that AP showed us Daniel's darker side, his negative attributes, through his interaction with the others: ambition (Sam), condescension (Jack), and either a superiority complex or a nasty temper (Teal'c) depending on how you look at it. Now that's not to say that the little bugger doesn't have his positive traits as well, but the nature of AP distilled all the bad stuff.

Likewise, Teal'c gave us a glimpse at how Teal'c sees his coworkers. Jack's the 'chief' (or, as Dad would say, the guy who sits back and tells everyone else what to do, because otherwise they'd just stand around looking at the pretty flames!), the boss, but also a friend. Someone who cares about Teal'c, about his 'family'. Sam - both Captain and Major - carried some of those same qualities. She has a sense of humor, she gives advice... maybe she's a little boring ;) Actually, something I found interesting in the 'firefighters' part of the dream/hallucination was how Sam really seemed to take command. Compare her role at the car accident to Jack's; she's much more into the action and barks out a lot more orders while he stands back and watches. Either that's a commentary on Sam's increased leadership role, or CJ shares my dad's opinion on fire cheifs ;) Jonas is an interesting case too. I'm wondering at the significance of the repeated line, about Teal'c/T making him feel like part of the team. Once in the dream, while Teal'c was still on the planet, and then in the 'real' world when Jonas is talking to unconscious Teal'c. In any case, I thought the boys were very cute (in a non slashy way. So not going there). Teal'c really has taken Jonas under his wing, and it's great to see that Jonas appreciates it... and can express that appreciation.

The first time I watched this, I thought that Daniel's role was completely gratutitous. This time... I don't know. I guess it's a little easier once you know what the trick of the episode is. He really wasn't too bad as the psychologist... but the second I laid eyes on that ratty sweater my stomach just curdled. I guess some things never change.

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