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So there's this song that I've heard twice - well, once and a half - on my favorite radio station. Neither time I thought to write down something that might help me find it later, because I figured like all cool songs the radio station will eventually overplay it and I'll be sick of it. Except I've been purposefully listening for it the last two days - I want to use it in my Road to Avonlea vid - and they haven't played it! Not that I've heard, anyway, but I have heard Gwen's "Sweet Escape" about a dozen times and Avril's "Girlfriend" at least two dozen. *screams*

It's driving me nuts, and after all this time all I can remember is that it's sung by a woman with a very throaty voice, and there are bits in it having to do with - paraphrasing - being 'made for each other' and something like 'no one else knows what you've been through' or something like that.

I don't suppose this is ringing any bells for anybody???
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