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So there's this song that I've heard twice - well, once and a half - on my favorite radio station. Neither time I thought to write down something that might help me find it later, because I figured like all cool songs the radio station will eventually overplay it and I'll be sick of it. Except I've been purposefully listening for it the last two days - I want to use it in my Road to Avonlea vid - and they haven't played it! Not that I've heard, anyway, but I have heard Gwen's "Sweet Escape" about a dozen times and Avril's "Girlfriend" at least two dozen. *screams*

It's driving me nuts, and after all this time all I can remember is that it's sung by a woman with a very throaty voice, and there are bits in it having to do with - paraphrasing - being 'made for each other' and something like 'no one else knows what you've been through' or something like that.

I don't suppose this is ringing any bells for anybody???
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For some reason your description is making me think of Missy Higgins' "Nightminds", but she's an Aussie artist and I'm not sure how big she is in the USA....

Ping me on AIM if you want me to send you the track (she's pretty good!).
LOL! I knew having VH1 on every morning while getting ready for work would come in handy someday :)