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I had a freaking hilarious dream last night about 24.

I don't remember exactly what it was about, except that it involved Jack and Chloe (natch) and it was so funny that I woke up laughing so hard I was almost crying.

Now why can't I have more dreams like that?

Of course, I also remember having a dream where I went to some tech support guy to complain that my wireless DSL wasn't working. And he told me that it was basically my fault because... I'd been using PhotoShop too much. And I was like, wtf??

But the 24 dream was so the best that it made up for it.

In other news, I have had a rather productive day so far.

I called and made an appointment to have my car serviced tomorrow (3,000 miles -- it's like it's first birthday!)

I called and canceled the Napster subscription that I didn't even realize I still had (my mp3 player works better with Rhapsody)

I called and canceled my old vision/dental insurance because I get moderately better coverage through work

And I'm doing a load of laundry. And I'm going to go over to my aunt's house in a little bit and tutor my cousin in math.

So... yay me!
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