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Still looking for Relay for Life donations!

Once again, this is a donation to the American Cancer Society, not to me personally. They just give everyone their own 'fundraising page'.

Thanks sooo much for those of you who have donated, but I wanted to post one more time just in case I missed anyone.

Donations to the ACS are put towards research, information services, community programs, and advocacy, and you can learn more specifics on their website.

I'm volunteering at the Relay on June 23rd -- not walking, since I didn't sign up with a team, but helping out with registration or accounting or some aspect. Hard to believe, but this is actually the first time I've really volunteered since I had to (can you still call it volunteering if you're made to do it?) for high school.


Well that was interesting. I had gone out to the living room to get my headphones, so I could listen to the Lady in the Water soundtrack (we watched it tonight, and the music is so awesome), and I heard sounds coming from outside. Keep in mind, at the time it was about midnight. The front window was locked open about two inches, and I heard a voice... and, well, to make a long story short, we have a loser grandmother living next door to us with her loser 27-year-old unemployed probable gang-member grandson, and lately his 17 year old girlfriend has been living there too.

Grandma's been laid up since she had knee surgery and so loser has had the run of the house, her van, etc, and has been drinking. This led to him hitting his girlfriend tonight, and what I heard was her sitting out in the driveway sobbing to her mom on her phone. I heard her say something to the effect of, "I can't go back inside, he'll hurt me' so I went and woke up my parents. Dad talked to her and called PD, who called for an ambulance and took her to the local hospital. Mom lives about two hours from here and was on her way. The cops found loser grandson in the area and took him to jail. I should probably mention that he's been seen hitting this same girl before -- she went to a shelter and the loser stayed with loser grandma.

Speaking of which, loser grandma never came out of her house the whole time this was happening in my front yard, which is right next door to hers.

*sigh* Why are people so screwed up?


Anyway, please donate to the ACS.

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