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So today was the last day of school. W00t!

I taught 5th grade this year. Next year I'm going to be teaching kindergarten. It's obviously a big change, especially considering it's my second year, which is kind of the crunch year... it's when the district has to decide if they want to... well, it's not exactly giving me tenure, but it's close enough. I was kind of freaked out at first, but since then I've warmed to the idea. I mean, yeah, they cry and puke and can't tie their shoes, but they're cute! Most of the time, at least. And I'm going to be teaching in the afternoon, with another teacher in the same room teaching a kinder class in the morning, so I can see what she does and get her tips and info and help and everything.

I'm also taking a couple of trainings this summer, and since another elementary in the district starts in July, I'm going to go in there for the first week at least and observe. So I won't be going in completely blind, at least.

I possibly have jury duty tomorrow. When I called in, they said I was on phone standby. Which means I call them at 11:30am and they tell me if they need me at the courthouse by 1pm. Pphhhfff. Yeah, cause it's just around the corner. Not.

After school - after we got out and then I spent some time packing and taking things down - I swung by the bookstore and, lo and behold, there was Kushiel's Justice! Which wasn't going to be out for another week. Yay! I bought a couple more by Dan Simmons, as well. That guy is cracktastic.
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Why in the world would you teach kinder? They're sweet, sure, but my gods...I've seen very good teachers produce classes where half of them can't read at the end of the year. And they tattle, and they don't respond to their own name, and they have no memory's like the US Congress, except with less abillity to tie their own shoes.

Good luck! Kindergarden takes a far more special teacher than I.
And they tattle, and they don't respond to their own name, and they have no memory retention...

Actually, that sounds a lot like my 5th graders from this year, too ;)
:) OK, there was a bit of that too. Now granted, I've only seen elementary from the perspective of a sub and the experiences of a friend of mine (who taught 5th full time for the second year in a row this year, and has put in time in just about every other pre-jhs grade), but 5th just seemed so much more manageable. They have attention spans, they can read and write, they have the beginnings of reason...but they're also still sweet, and they're not jaded like junior high kids. Kindergardeners, on the other hand...ack!

Again, good luck with it all. I am still curious about the motivation to make the switch though, if you don't mind me asking.
Actually, it wasn't my decision... this was only my first year of teaching. And there was an opening in kinder, and I'm low man on the totem pole ;)