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The Ancient Greeks are rolling over in their ... ... ...

Dude. The London Olympics 2012 logo.

Could it be any uglier?

Personally, I say no.

My eyes! My eyes!!!

In fact, it's so ugly that it may cause serious health conditions.

Come on, Brits.

The BBC has some reader-submitted designs that are all better than the real thing. Even the ones that look like they were drawn by little kids. Instead of the real thing, which looks like it was puked up by a puzzle-making factory. I really like this one, and this is kind of neat, too, in a very traditional way.

Could it BE any uglier?

Only if it somehow incorporated Rosie O'Donnell's face
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Good lord! What were they thinking? The only way that logo is going to get young people involved is for them to make fun of it. *rolls eyes* I hope they do change the logo, even if it's back to the original design. I really like that first one you linked to.