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Say hello to my little friend!

I've been keeping her in a little plastic container. I had figured on letting her go (Mom found her in the front yard) but she's so... interesting. And tiny! So I think I might get a little habitat and try some mealworms... Petco has good prices.

Any advice from lizard people?
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Mealworms are a good place to start, another thing that a lot of lizards eat (and I know you're going to think she may be too small, but she really isn't) is cricketts. You can generally get them at most of your pet stores that carry lizards or supplies for lizards.

Without knowing more about the exact type of lizard it might be hard to pinpoint exactly what her food/environment should be like, though most do need some sort of heat lamp to keep their temperature up.

They like crickets and pretty much all small, flying bugs. And I am sooooo glad.
Next thing you know, you'll be breeding them and calling them the names of Stargate characters...