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Are we really that lucky?

TMZ: Rosie to announce tomorrow that she's leaving The View

I'm so tired of this woman getting a pass on everything she says - from 9/11 being a government conspiracy because "fire can't melt steel" to "eat me" and all the other crap that comes out of her fat mouth - because she's supposedly a "comedian". Every time her stuff comes up on FNC, the lefty apologist always bring that up. Always.

I don't know what The View's ratings have been doing lately... I didn't watch it before, don't watch it now, won't watch it ever (unless they did something cool like prepare that blond dishrag with Michelle Malkin or something). But Rosie and her BS hurt the image of ABC and Disney, the parent company, and maybe Babs finally decided she was sick of it.

Or maybe Rosie wants to go back to "comedy".

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