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"Sleepers" snippet #6

General Hammond had arranged an informal meeting between SG-1 and SG-19 before the Russians had officially 'moved in', and Sam still winced at the memory. It had been terribly awkward for everyone except for Jonas, and the fact that he'd been all smiles and handshakes had only served to make things MORE awkward. Apparently everything he'd read in Daniel's journals and the official mission reports hadn't quite prepared him properly, and Colonel O'Neill - who hadn't yet been cleared for duty at that point - had been decidedly chilly towards the younger man for the next week.

The three younger members of SG-19 - which Colonel O'Neill preferred to refer to as 'SG-Nyet' - had at least responded to Jonas' obliviously-offered friendship, and from there Sam and Teal'c had learned to tread the thin line between being polite and upsetting their CO. But Colonel Nikolaev... he'd been standoffish then, and that hadn't changed in the intervening weeks. She supposed if she didn't blame O'Neill for his attitude she shouldn't be any harsher towards Nikolaev, but something about him didn't sit right with Sam. She had the nagging suspicion that he wasn't just unhappy to be at the SGC, but that for some reason he actively disliked her.
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