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Funny, isn't it...

... that when folks want to talk about what talentless hacks TPTB are, or what a waste of space Corin and/or Jonas are... well, obviously that's opinion and should be respected. But if the unfavorable comments are directed towards, oh, someone else... that's libel.

Unfortunately for them, a statement of opinion does not automatically constitute libel because you disagree with it. At least that's what I learned, but then again I am a product of the public school system. If I'm incorrect, I'll expect to hear from Mr. Shanks' laywers any day now.

Now if only I could manage to transform my slanderous wit into art form and sell it...
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the fans
it pisses me off. really. libeling that is. sometimes ppl - me included - are such worthless pieces of shit. i mean, instead of being happy that we are getting another season - or for that matter that we got 6 seasons so far - we just go on complaining about this or that. we suck!

sorry, i'm not in a very good mood today! but i agree with ya.