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I've been watching my Alias Season 3 DVDs, which were a Christmas present from my brother that I had as yet not unpacked. I think I'm on episode 6, and so far my observation is...

Alias makes slightly more sense when you watch a whole bunch of episodes at once.

Only slightly, mind you.

This is the season of the Evil Blond Bucktoothed British Bitch, and it amuses me (looking back, knowing how the series ends, that is -- it did NOT amuse me at the time) how much of the season Abrams wasted trying to convince the audience that she was anything other than evil.

JJ you silly man. Thank God you're not going to be allowed to muck up Wonder Woman.

Crap, I have no Alias icons left. Must rectify that situation.


Okay, I have a very appropriate Season 3 icon... one of the best moments of the season! Aside from the shooting Lauren moment, that is.

On to episode 7!


Jack is one clever, determined bastard. I love him.

And he and Vaughn are so alike and don't even realize it, or don't want to. It kills me.

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