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Taking a moment out to kvetch before my day begins

Spell-check knows "kvetch". I think that's awesome.

Anyway, I did not sleep well last night. Which is very unusual - usually I read for maybe half an hour (sometimes less, sometimes more), and then I turn off the light and *bam* I'm out, dead to the world until my alarm goes off in the morning. But last night I couldn't find a comfortable position, couldn't decide if I wanted the afghan and the quilt or just the afghan, couldn't keep Abby from walking all over me, and most of all I couldn't get my brain to stop chattering to itself. About the movie I saw yesterday (The Reaping), about the new book I started (Ilium by Dan Simmons), about my original fiction (my Muse has the worst g--damn timing, I swear), and just life in general, I suppose. I woke up a couple times throughout the night, not sure when because I didn't deign to look at the clock, and Abby was playing with the pully-thing on my blinds and Piper had tipped over my hamper and I had to throw a spare blanket at her because in the past she likes tipping over my hamper and then taking a tinkle in it. And then my alarm went off and I was up like a shot and now I'm just blllleeeeeeeh.

Serious, I think I would pay about $1000 to be able to climb back into bed right this minute and sleeeeeeep.

*needs a hug* :-(

And yes, also some cheese with my whine.

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