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Is it bad that I am terribly, terribly amused by this?

wraithfodder has some quotes at her lj from the latest issue of SciFi mag.

In short, Sam Carter is going to be taking over as the new leader. So I suppose anybody who wasn't already complaining about TPTB using and abusing Torri/Lizzie and replacing her with Amanda/Sam will now start.

Personally, while I haven't liked everything that's been done with the character *significant look* I overall prefer Sam to Lizzie. And that's not all Torri's fault. It's just that the character of Lizzie is so very limited, and has been from the beginning, unfortunately. She was brought on board as a diplomat and, a couple years down the line, the expedition is still involved in a bona fide war against not one but two different entities who, shall we say, don't exactly respond well to negotiation.

People over on the linked journal are already bitching about, "Atlantis was supposed to be civilian led! Wah! That was the original purpose of the show!" to which I can only respond that WE ARE AT WAR AGAINST 2 PEGASUS CIVILIZATIONS.

Okay, there are some really funny comments here.

"What I hate is that she'll technically be outranking both McKay and Sheppard. I thought the idea of leadership in Atlantis was a three-part system, where they balance each other in decision making.'

WTF? Chain of command is not a checks and balances system, you psychos.

Seriously, it's the Danny Toes all over again.

Okay, maybe amused is the wrong word. I'm really just kind of disgusted with the whole lot of em.
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