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*screams in horror*

Apparently I am not getting my memos again. There is a new Nancy Drew movie coming out in 07 and it looks lamer than lame. I mean, okay, Nancy was pretty lame herself. But this is a whole new dimension of lame that should not be touched upon. Nancy might be kind of dorky to those of us who were children after 1960, but she's not actually a dork.

SHE'S ALSO 18 AND "TITAN-HAIRED" AND BLUE-EYED, YOU LOSERS! She is not Julia Roberts' teenybopper clone!
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I think I've seen the extended trailer for that movie in theaters twice already and it makes me sooooo annoyed. Nearly every kid who goes to see that movie will never have read the books and will be completely unaware that she is not an original character. Plus, the fact that they're killing the whole "feel" of the books is pretty aggravating.
I know, I saw the trailer and was thinking "Okay, maybe they should just forget about calling it 'Nancy Drew' and instead call it 'Girl Detective from the thirties is time-travelled into present day with ensuing attempted hilarity." I mean seriously. *eyeroll*