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"Bizarro" is right

*snigger* This was fwded to me off the SciFi BB. Guess who?:

"Well I sure hope they are. I worry about fans like the Alli Snow coming into the chat, who post criminally libellous accusations against Michael Shanks online, accusing him of being a druggie and abusing his kid. I worry about the other Horsewomen, who've made their unreasoning, virulent hatred for the actor no secret in as many places online as they can manage"

*cracks up*

Oh yes. Saying the man can't act and should know when to keep his mouth shut is on par with saying hes' a drug-addicted child abuser. Man... it really must kill them that we don't enjoy the Bliss that is Shanks.

No wonder Annie loves this whacko so much. SHBs just made for each other ;)
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You know, you get the humor, but I'd bet you dollars to donuts I'm being roasted for my comments by those I'm referencing even as I type.

May the gods of humor have mercy on these folks who have none and bestow upon them at least a measure of sanity, sarcasm, and wit. It is truly a shame to have to deal with people who possess none of these ardent qualities.